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Ridge H.S. Cross Country/ Track & Field

Dear Parent,

Ridge Runners is a parent-run Booster club for Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track & Field. The purpose of this club is to provide assistance so that our kids can have the best experience possible. Through the help of Ridge Runners we have been able to accomplish a tremendous amount over the years:

  • Purchase weight/stability/video training equipment
  • Organize Awards nights for all three seasons
  • Award scholarships each season to selected Seniors
  • Provide salaries for additional “volunteer” coaches
  • Maintain the team website
  • Provide awards for Most Improved
  • Provide recognition for Meet of Champions and Nationals
  • Purchase equipment such as high jump and pole vault pits

There are many more things that we can do to support the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. We are asking that each family contributes $50 for the school year in order to be a member of the Ridge Runners Booster Club regardless of the number of children participating or how many seasons they participate. The money raised through membership goes to provide the services and awards listed above among other things.

Membership is not mandatory, but hopefully you agree that it provides you with a way to receive information about volunteering efforts and assists with team fundraising.

In Spring 2009 our fundraising efforts increased and we held our first 5K race. Parents and athletes came together to organize and participate in this event. Since that time, the 5K has become an annual event. There has been tremendous community support and the programs have benefited greatly from the exposure and funding. This past spring season our facility hosted 9 meets including a state sectional meet. Not only did we provide a great facility and experience for our students but also we provided sub Varsity competition at little cost to our district.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Ridge Runners at their email address: I thank you in advance for your continued support and hope to see you at upcoming meets.


Tim Mooney